This time 2 months ago, Matt Pocock (pictured) and Mark Ferguson were running the Phnom Penh to Angkor Wat Challenge. Their fundraising efforts gathered over $110,000 USD, which helped to enable TGF to expand on it’s activities in 2018. Thanks to their amazing work, and everyone who supported TGF in 2017, we are not only able to continue to empower people in remote rural Cambodia to seek futures they want for themselves, but are now able to expand on that with some new projects. We are developing more kindergarten classes, bringing hygiene learning stations to primary schools, improving clean drinking water solutions in local health centers, and establishing more savings groups, so more people can access affordable finance, while also saving for the things that matter to them. Our team is also expanding, with Un Kanha (below-right) joining, to help with what is already a busy 2018! Thank you to all of our supporters in 2017, and welcome Kanha!

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