This Women’s Day (March 8), TGF is highlighting the women we work with to create change in Chi Kraeng district, one of the poorest regions of Cambodia – women like Sopheap (right). Sopheap’s husband migrated to Thailand over a year ago, to earn more money for the family. Remittances and contact were sometimes unreliable, leaving her and her two sons vulnerable. Rather than continuing to rely solely on remittances, she joined TGF’s Farmer Field School, to learn about ways she can more effectively farm at home. Almost a year after joining, she is now earning enough to feed her and her sons, and also enough to consider expanding her farming activities, with remittances from Thailand coming as a bonus. It is her hope that the improved earning opportunity at home can soon allow her husband to move back, and have the family reunited.

Women represent the majority of people we at TGF interact with in rural Cambodia. They are community members who take steps towards improving outcomes for their themselves, their families and communities. Whether it’s a mother seeking better care for her child at a health center, a wife who learns new farming techniques to improve a families’ income, a teacher eager to provide early education for village children, or a woman who wants cleaner water for her family – women play a crucial role in seeking lasting change in Chi Kraeng district, and TGF is here to help them achieve that.

Kunthea wanted to start a mobile grocery business, and approached TGF to develop her business skills. As a member of the local TGF Savings Group, was also able to access affordable finance to get started. Over the course of 9 months, she has managed to earn and save enough to help build a new house for herself and her family, replacing the tarp shelter they had been living in before. She hopes to soon open a shop in front of the house, so she can care for her children and work at the same time.

Please support women like Sopheap and Kunthea, by liking, sharing or following TGF’s work, and by donating to TGF this Women’s Day. Thank You!

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