2017’s successful Integrated Farmer Field School (IFFS) project is back in 2018, with twice the amount of communities (now six) learning about ways they can sustainably diversify farming techniques, to improve food security, and generate additional income. We show people how to effectively grow a wide range of vegetables, and raise chickens and fish in ways which are new to people in the area – where rice cultivation is typically the main agricultural activity. Already, trainees are earning more from the vegetables they are growing. In 2017, IFFS trainees saw their incomes increase by 59%, and vegetable yields increase by 500% on average. We wanted to build on that, so that we can reach more communities. With this in mind, we took on a new team member, Kanha Un (pictured), to join the Income Generation Programme. The six new villages are spread evenly across our target area, in the hope that as many neighbouring communities hear about and want to take part in these new diverse farming activities.

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