In January 2018, we visited Water and Health Foundation, or WAH, to learn about how they are successfully installing clean water systems where they are needed most. WAH has installed more than 200 systems in schools, health centres and communities in Cambodia since 2008, and were an obvious place to look for ideas on how we could improve access to clean water in our schools in Chi Kraeng district. Our Water and Sanitation Manager, Saren, and our Country Director, Sam, spent a week at the WAH office in Kampong Chhnang, where they learned about the technical specifications, installation and maintenance of microfiber water filtration systems, which are manually fed with pedal powered pump systems. 

TGF Country Director, Samuel Flint, inspecting the Water for Schools (WFS) unit in Prey Chkar.

Saren and Sam took what they learned back to Siem Reap, made some adjustments in design and materials to reflect local needs, and set about building fully integrated water systems in two of the eight primary schools we work with in Chi Kraeng district – at Poh and Prey Chkar villages.  Following the completion of these Water for Schools (WFS) systems in 2018, over 600 students and teachers can now access clean drinking water in Poh and Prey Chkar, as well as water group hygiene education sessions. The water systems are also connected to the school kitchen space, latrines and school gardens, where TGF also carries out it’s Life Skills vegetable growing project. In 2019, we plan to install these systems in two more primary schools we work with, providing clean water to estimated 600 students and teachers. Many thanks to WAH for giving us the opportunity to come and see the great work they are doing, and to those who donate to TGF – you enable us to implement these vital interventions in remote rural Cambodia. 

Saren Roert, TGF Water and Sanitation Programme Manager, testing group handwashing station with students.

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