Community Led Kindergarten Development

Trach Thmei Kindergarten committee was formed to manage and support the community kindergarten in their village. There are 7 members in the committee; they are representatives from the commune council, community, parents, and the local school director. They are required to conduct formal meetings 3 times per school year to discuss how to assist the teachers and students to improve teaching and learning, school development plan, and school assessment.



“The committee plays a very important role in developing the kindergarten.”
– Buth Sorphea, ECE teacher.
On the 26th of June 2021, the Trach Thmei ECE committee with facilitation from TGF conducted the second meeting to discuss the teaching and learning approach during COVID-19 restrictions and to review the school development in 2021.
As the result, the ECE class has shown great progress. It has a water supply system, electricity, toilets, a fence around the grounds, a schoolyard with geometric shapes, and a hand washing station. The committee has now achieved 100% of the plan they set.