Our work in Cambodia is funded entirely by private donations and doesn't receive government funding.

100% of proceeds go towards making a difference to the villages we serve. Your donation enables TGF to contribute towards costs which are vital to making our programmes effective.

There are a variety of ways for you to make a donation.

Help us raise funds through a project that you believe in

Sponsor one of TGF’s programmes and initiatives

Over the years, TGF’s work has been supported by individuals and groups from all walks of life, around the world – and we need caring people like yourself to help us make a difference.

Over 91% of student completing Kindergarten enrol in Primary School

USD 65

Pays for summer school for up to 10 children, maintaining the momentum of learning and progression of their education.

> 7,000 latrines built since 2010

USD 130

Pays for the materials needed to build a latrine, which services up to 10 people.

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If you are a UK taxpayer, please donate here.

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