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Many of TGF’s projects are directly funded by partners who align themselves with the goals of a particular activity. Some, however, are currently not funded.

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Agricultural Cooperative Project

Sponsorship - School Support Committee Project

School Support Committee Project

Sponsorship - Community Savings Group project

Community Savings Group Project

Sponsorship - Vocational and Business Skills Training

Vocational and Business Skills Training

Sponsorship - English Classes

English Classes

Sponsorship - Clean Water Project

Clean Water Project

Sponsorship - Summer School Project

Summer School Project

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Agricultural Cooperative Project

TGF supports Cambodia’s Ministry of Agriculture’s objective of increasing the number of Agricultural Cooperatives (AC) and participation of small farm owners in cooperative business activities. We work with local agriculture officials to provide farmers with training and resources to establish small cooperatives.

Members buy shares and use the capital to develop collaborative business activities. This includes agricultural input supply and minimising the cost of inputs. By collectivising, farmers have more bargaining power, leading to reduced expenditures and higher returns.

The cooperative holds Annual General Meetings where financial reports and dividends are disbursed to members. These ACs are registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, who provide a national standard for the governance of Cambodian cooperatives.

Your support will sustain the growth of the AC project.

Project Cost: USD 9,726

School Support Committee Project

In 2013, the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports ordered the establishment of School Support Committees (SSCs) for every public school in Cambodia. These committees are tasked with improving community engagement and overseeing the management of each school.

In collaboration with the local department for education, TGF provides training and resources to the SSCs of 8 primary schools in Chi Kraeng district. Our goal is to improve quality learning in child-friendly environments.

Each SSC develops a village map and identifies households with children of school age. Each child’s enrolment and progression are monitored. In addition, SSCs conduct home visits at least 6 times per year to discuss school development and administrative issues with parents.

Your support will ensure the effective management of 8 schools in rural Cambodia.

Project Cost: USD 9,980

Community Savings Group project

Since 2011, Community-based Savings Groups provide basic financial services to rural communities in Chi Kraeng. These services are implemented through small savings groups rather than financial institutions.

Today, nearly 800 villagers across 34 villages in Chi Kraeng participate every month. Females represent over 90% of the members of TGF’s Savings Groups (SGs). TGF trains village-based groups to save regularly, borrow from their group’s fund, and repay loans with interest.

At the end of each annual saving cycle (linked to the agricultural calendar), funds are divided, and each member receives their savings plus interest. This ensures that money and resources are available in difficult times. In 2018, TGF-supported SGs provided villagers with access to over US$130,000 in credit.

Your support will provide the training and resources needed to sustain the Savings Group project.

Project Cost: USD 17,080

Vocational and Business Skills Training

A key challenge in raising the income for Chi Kraeng’s communities is low financial literacy and lack of basic business skills. These limit their ability to develop and expand small businesses.

TGF’s Income Generation (IG) programme provides training in bookkeeping, business development and marketing skills, and mentorship to those who are developing or expanding their business. TGF also sets aside a budget to seed new businesses.

The IG programme works with the Ministry of Agriculture to facilitate vocational training to improve local agricultural and animal husbandry practices. These include livestock farming, as well as System of Rice Intensification (SRI) rice and vegetable cultivation.

Your support will ensure the continued delivery of vocational training to the communities in rural Cambodia.

Project Cost: USD 12,523

English Lessons

In 2013, the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports (MoEYS) introduced the Education Strategic Plan, which aims to provide all grade 4 to 6 students access to 4 hours of English lessons per week.

In 2010, TGF began subsidising English lessons in 4 primary schools. Initially, these lessons were only conducted for grade 6 students, in order to introduce basic English skills before they began formal lessons in secondary school.

In 2016, TGF expanded English lessons to grade 4 to 6 students. In addition to a monthly allowance, TGF conducts regular meetings, and provides training and resources for teachers in 4 schools.

Our goal is to expand the current programme to the 8 schools we support in Chi Kraeng. However, the lack of local teachers with sufficient English language skills is a hurdle.

Your support allows TGF to provide English lessons to more students in rural Cambodia.

Project Cost: USD 7,707

Clean Water Project

In 2010, the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) published its “Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Strategy 2010–2025”. One of the strategic objectives is to provide improved water supply to 100% of the rural population by 2025.

As part of TGF’s Water and Sanitation Programme, TGF has built more than 700 wells, and provided over 2000 water filters to households in 59 villages. These have provided sustainable access to improved water sources to over 40,000 people.

The Clean Water Project is supplemented by community-based education and has reduced cases of water-borne diseases reported at the local health centres by 83%.

In 2017, TGF began working with local technicians and communities to construct 400 Rainwater Harvesting Systems (2,000L tanks which collect rainwater from roofs). These systems store and provide water during dry season shortages. 

Your support will help in the construction of more water facilities, and provide improved access to clean water supply to more households.

Project Cost: USD 57,122

Summer School Project 

In addition to the School Support Committee Project, TGF provides supplementary programmes such as the annual summer school, which is held for 2 months during school holidays.

TGF currently funds 5 summer schools for over 1,000 children in grade 6 and 7. Lessons are focused on core subjects such as English, Math, Khmer literacy, and Science. These lessons assist students who are transitioning to secondary school, as well as those who have completed their first year. These are the only free revision classes available to students in Chi Kraeng district.

Your support will go towards the continuity of TGF’s Summer School and the provision of more lessons.

Project Cost: USD 11,635