Strengthening Skills, Enhancing Impact: TGF’s Commitment to Staff Development

At TGF, we are committed to fostering the growth of our team through comprehensive training initiatives. In the first half of 2024, we have organized two specialized training sessions to enhance the skills of our employees, aligning these opportunities closely with our mission to improve communities in rural Cambodia.

The first session targeted our entire team and was led by Ms. Voneat Pen, a renowned Digital Marketing Specialist. This training covered both theoretical and practical aspects of Digital Marketing, and Photography & Videography Techniques. The key topics included Content Planning, Content Development, and Distribution, enhancing our ability to effectively communicate our activities to supporters and stakeholders through high-quality photographs and videos.



The second session was tailored for key personnel including our Business Manager, all program managers, and the Country Director. Conducted at Possibilities World in Siem Reap, this program was facilitated by Michelle, Piseth, Sroem, and their team. The focus was on cultivating advanced management tools, communication skills, and conflict-resolution capabilities, essential for leading our efforts more effectively.



These training programs are essential to our commitment to ensuring all team members are equipped with new skills and knowledge. By continually enhancing our staff’s capabilities, we boost not only individual competence but also our overall organizational effectiveness.