TGF’s Supplementary Classes

In May, TGF initiated a supplementary classes program for students in grades 1 to 3 across six target primary schools, focusing on providing personalized attention and support to 286 students, including 108 female students. Held daily during free periods, the classes are small, with 7 to 12 students each, allowing for more tailored teaching methods that address each child’s specific learning needs. Flexible scheduling accommodates the schedules of both teachers and students, with students thoughtfully grouped by academic needs, grade levels, and personalities to optimize learning conditions.



The dedication of all teachers, who contribute extra work hours, has been critical to the program’s success. The initiative’s efficiency is further supported by several parent meetings that led to the creation of classroom committees, deepening parental engagement and support for their children’s education.



Positive feedback and high attendance since the program’s inception have highlighted its effectiveness in preventing repetition and dropout rates. Looking forward, we hope that all students will be back on track in the next few months after receiving the necessary support. We believe that early warning systems, along with a structured schedule and strategic curriculum for students in need, are crucial for maintaining high attendance, reducing dropouts, and improving student outcomes. Paired with strong parental engagement, these efforts could lead to enhanced educational quality for children in our target areas, supporting future success and sustainability in our community.