The Future of Reading: Four Primary School Libraries Transformed

TGF is proud to announce the transformation of four primary school libraries. This initiative reflects our dedication to improving reading skills and boosting literacy levels. By creating inviting and resource-filled spaces, we believe these libraries are key to helping more children succeed and stay in school.

These refreshed libraries are buzzing with life; they’ve turned into vital places where kids, teachers, and even parents dive together into books, technology, and fun activities. We’ve moved on from the quiet libraries we once knew to lively spaces where learning is something everyone can enjoy and share.

In line with the new welcoming look, child-friendly and colorful furniture, a wide selection of brand new books, and learning apps on tablets, our efforts take a comprehensive approach to support education. By providing new opportunities for librarians and teachers, and involving parents actively, we’re creating a strong, connected educational community. This change is more than just a new coat of paint; these libraries have become essential places within their communities. Open all day, they’re warm and inviting spaces for ongoing learning and community gatherings.

When we walked into the Phlong Primary School library recently, we experienced a vibrant, connected setting. Kids of all ages were actively engaging: the little ones were eager participants while the older kids played the part of storytellers. This natural mingling is creating a stronger, more supportive educational community in every school.

Looking ahead, TGF is committed to the ongoing enhancement of library facilities to strengthen literacy and reduce dropout rates among primary school students. Recognizing the crucial role of libraries in academic success, we aim to continue improving other school libraries in our target areas.