Upgrading Trapeang Veng’s Water Access

This year, Trapeang Veng has seen significant improvements in its piped water system, serving as a resource for providing filtered water access to households in three nearby villages. Through productive collaborations, including meetings with the commune chief, village representatives, and council members, we’ve reaffirmed the importance of community involvement in maintaining the sustainability of our projects. We’ve noticed the successes and addressed the challenges encountered by the community water usage group managing the existing system.



To date, the piped water system collectively supports 76 households, with an ambitious goal to increase this number to 100 by year-end. Our long-term vision aims to encompass as many as 300 households in the area.

Recent upgrades have included switching to solar-powered pumps, which have significantly improved our energy efficiency. This year, we’re focused on enhancing flocculation using ACP powder and improving our bio-sand filtration system. These changes are designed to increase water flow rates and maintain high quality after filtration.



Furthermore, maintaining high standards of water quality is a priority. We conduct bi-annual water testing to assess the effectiveness of our filtration system comprehensively. Our team also regularly visits the field to perform maintenance checks, assist the water usage team, and observe challenges firsthand.



The proactive engagement of our team and the community is key to continuing to improve water access and quality for the people of Trapeang Veng. We are planning several promotions and activities this year to expand our reach and further integrate our systems’ benefits into everyday life in the community.