Community Well Drilling

Since January 2021, TGF has been training a well drilling team to construct bore wells in their community. The organisation has developed a low cost, mobile drilling rig with the aim of creating a local business that can benefit the local community by providing affordable access to potable water for use in the home and local agriculture.

Since January the team has constructed 14 borewells in 4 villages in Spean Tnaot commune which lacked access to a sustainable water source. 22 families with 110 members utilize the 14 wells. Because of water scarcity, especially during the dry season, there is a lot of interest in the well project. Unfortunately, we are currently not able to meet the full demand due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, the limited capacity of the well drilling team, and low groundwater levels in some areas where we struggle to successfully find water. To improve this TGF is planning to expand the project in 2022 with the creation of 2 additional drilling teams to meet the current demand. Project beneficiaries are delighted with the results which increase the amount of water available for home and agricultural use; especially challenging during the dry season.



“After having this well, it is much easier than before because it is close to our house; the water is clear. We don’t have to buy water anymore; it saves time and money”.
– Ms. Thang Pich, 27, Lvea village, Spean Tnaot commune.