Promoting Clean Water and Well-Being with Spean Tnout’s Piped Water Project

As part of our continuing commitment to community health and sustainability, we’ve recently launched a campaign in Spean Tnout Commune to promote the benefits of connecting to our community piped water system.

During our campaign, which spanned three villages, our team engaged directly with local residents. We hosted informative sessions at the residences of village chiefs, handing out banners and flyers with important information illustrating the benefits of having access to clean and safe water at home.

The villagers’ response was significant, showing a strong interest in joining the piped water network—a network that is ready to provide services to about 400 homes (or around 2,000 villagers) in four neighboring villages.

The community takes charge of the system, with locals forming a committee responsible for everything from management to ensuring the water supply stays clean and safe. This empowers local ownership and guarantees that the water fees collected are reinvested into the community for the system’s continuous improvement.

To ensure clean water, we perform regular water quality tests. These tests help us confirm that the water remains uncontaminated and clear.

Looking forward, we are dedicated to connecting more households and enhancing the understanding of the importance of clean water access. This step is a huge leap toward community health standards, taking care of the environment, and improving life for the people in our target communes.