Showcasing Our Work to a Long-Time Supporter

Recently, we had a visit from our long-time friend and supporter Caroline Hand who had the opportunity to witness firsthand the life-changing impact of our programs in the communities of Chi Kraeng. During her visit, we presented an overview of the programs and activities we have been implementing this year.

We started the day by meeting beneficiaries of our Income Generation Program, who shared their stories from our Integrated Farmer Field School and business startup support.


We then visited a supported community kindergarten and a primary school where Caroline and her family generously distributed water bottles, hats, t-shirts, and footballs to the children.



After that, we visited a selected family participating in our home garden activity, where we saw the variety of vegetables and herbs growing in their new garden setup. We also showcased our existing community piped water system and the newly renovated pond for our second system before heading back to Siem Reap to finish the first day.

On the second day, Caroline organized a soccer clinic in Kampong Kdei. The clinic was held for 28 young girls from Tapor Primary School, who participated in a FIFA training session. As part of the event, the girls were provided with sneakers, hats, bags, water bottles, shirts, socks, and balls to support their soccer training.



The primary objective of the training session was to encourage these young girls to engage in sports and be actively involved in football. The director of Tapor School took this event as a starting point for the formation of two new female soccer teams within the school. These teams will carry on with regular training sessions to further develop their skills and continue their sporting endeavors. Everyone had great fun throughout the whole training session. Such initiatives are a great way help to empower young girls, promote gender equality, and foster a love for sports within the community.

Overall, it was an honor and a pleasure to have the opportunity to showcase our impactful work and programs to Caroline and her family. We would like to once again say thank you to Caroline for organizing the soccer clinic for the kids in our community.