Upgrading Community Pond in O-Kraom Village to Enhance Water Accessibility

The Water and Sanitation team is undertaking a significant project to renovate and expand the community pond in O-Kraom Village. This collaborative project involves TGF, local commune, and village authorities, with the primary objective of upgrading the existing pond’s capacity to store sufficient water for three neighboring villages: O-Kraom, O-Leu, and O-Trach. This initiative aims to provide year-round access to clean, filtered water for approximately 600 households, benefiting over 2,500 individuals residing in these communities. Once the pond renovation is finished, a water tower equipped with a filtration system will be built. This tower will incorporate a water storage facility, enabling the distribution of water to each connected household via gravity through a network of piped systems.

Due to the challenging terrain, drilling wells has proven to be difficult and often unsuccessful in this area. As a result, ensuring consistent water access throughout the year remains a major challenge for villagers. Recognizing this difficulty, all parties involved have agreed that implementing a community piped water system would be a highly effective and sustainable solution.

The decision to renovate and expand the community pond marks a significant step towards overcoming water scarcity challenges in O-Kraom Village and its neighboring areas. Building upon the success of a similar project previously undertaken by TGF, we are optimistic about the positive impact this expansion will bring to the community. The enhanced capacity will serve as a lifeline during the dry seasons when water scarcity is particularly acute.

Access to clean water is fundamental for the well-being and development of any community. By providing sustainable, clean water through the renovated community pond, we aim to improve the living conditions of the villagers. The availability of clean water for daily use, hygiene practices, and agricultural activities will have far-reaching positive impacts on their health, education, and overall quality of life.

Furthermore, the renovation of the community pond in O-Kraom Village represents an excellent example of community empowerment. Throughout the project, we have actively engaged with local commune and village authorities, ensuring that the voices and needs of the community are heard and incorporated into the decision-making process. By involving the villagers at every step, this project not only addresses immediate water-related challenges but also fosters a sense of ownership and sustainability within the community. After the project is completed, TGF will help to establish a community committee responsible for overseeing and maintaining the piped water system. Additionally, the committee will implement monthly low-rate usage fees for all villagers to help cover the future operational expenses of the system. This approach will contribute to the long-term sustainability of the system.

We believe that this piped water system step by step provides a reliable source of clean water and empowers the villagers to take charge of their water supply for years to come.